Third-Party Collections

Trackers, Inc., recovery rates are among the industries
Elite. Through extensive training and experienced collectors we consistently are the top agency for each of our clients. With collectors that have been in third-party collections and average of 11 years and with our company an average of 5 years Trackers, Inc. cannot be matched in collection knowledge and ability.

Pre-Collection Services

Trackers, Inc., pre-collection services are a unique series of collection programs designed to suit customer specific needs.

• First-Party Telephone Pre-Collection
• Early-Out
• Pre-Collection Letter Service


Trackers, Inc. provides litigation services that are tailored to meet each client’s desires and needs. We have a network of attorneys that stretches nationwide.

Messaging/Predictive Dialing Campaigns
Our dialer, VIC III, has closed the gap between theory and reality. Raw power and speed of dialing technology is integrated seamlessly with our software. VIC III has real-time updates and integration that have made it possible to distinguish how the call was initiated. VIC III action tables allow you to program the dialer to handle every situation it may encounter.

Trackers, Inc. is a full service agency that has been very successful in every aspect of the collection industry. Not limiting ourselves to one niche has enabled us to provide services to our clients that are second to none. We are able to help any company in every aspect of their credit and collections department.


Trackers, Inc. handles many types of collections including, but not limited to:

• Deficiency Balances
• Healthcare
• Rental
• Subrogation
• Credit Cards
• Overdrafts
• Utilities
• Municipalities
• Real Estate Tax Services

Advanced technology will be seamlessly integrated into our collection system. The overall design allows us to maximize efficiency throughout all phases of the collection process.
Trackers, Inc. utilizes DAKCS collection software and client services. The “Sting,” recovery system is an open systems application that can launch from MS Windows, DOS or CT screens. It uses a relational database whose structure resembles those of other 4-GL’s. IMS compiles code for execution under UNIX. Each workstation accesses the database via a TCP/IP network or serial cable.
System interfaces are established in order to access and transfer client data. The collection system has many unique features and processes that aid in our recoveries. A few examples:

• Fully Integrated Predictive/Message Dialer
• Promise Payment Tracking
• Account Time Reminder
• Letter Generation
• Collector Voice Mail Service
• Account History Tracking
• Integrated Skip Tracing
• Credit Bureau Reporting
• Standard or Customized Reporting
• Electronic Placement Capabilities
• Electronic Remittance Capabilities
• E-mail
• Client Remote Access
• Legal Tracking
• Internet
• Voice Print

The DAKCS software allows us to tailor all facets of our services to each
Individual clients needs. WE WORK FOR YOU!

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